Pack Leader? Simple Everyday Actions to Establish Alpha Position


One of the most important things to do when training your dog is to establish yourself as the pack leader. Dogs are pack animals and the alpha dog is the leader and all other dogs behave according to the leader.

Just because you are a human, you can still make sure that your dog understands he is to follow you.

There are some fundamental, everyday things you can to develop and reinforce this to your dog.

First, everything your dog does must me based on you allowing them to do them.

This goes for playing, eating, just about everything. Eating must be done when and where you allow them, and be done after all humans have eaten.

Attention should only be given to the dog when you decide, not when he begs or rubs on you. And you should command the dog to come to you for attention, do not go to him.

When taking your dog for a walk, remember you are the alpha dog. Your dog should walk beside or behind you, and not tug on the leash. This is his attempt to exert his control. A firm command of “No” will suffice along with controlling the dog leash.

This control also applies to where he sniffs, walks, or eliminates. And when you enter or exit a room, you should go in front of the dog.

You must also realize that dogs communicate mostly through energy and emotion, with minimal vocal communication. Hence commands should be short and direct, and begin commands with your dog's name.

Like a pack leader though, it is best to you use more body language. You should never show any weak emotions in front of your dog, which may let him think he can take control. This includes nervousness or hesitation.

Be strong and powerful, as the pack needs a strong leader.

All of these exercises need to be done consistently and with authority. Overall if your dog realizes you are in control and will provide for his welfare, he will be happier and healthier. He will feel safe and be a loyal, loving companion.

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