Tips for keeping Dog Fur Under Control


Are you tired of dog fur being on your furniture? What about on your floors? Don’t worry. Dogs shedding fur is natural. It allows a new coat of fur to grow in its place.

Unless you have a hairless dog such as the Hairless Khala or Chinese Crested, you will have dog fur throughout your home.

Now, the question is, what can you do about it? Reduce your pet fur by taking a closer look at these helpful tips listed below:

Pet Grooming

Grooming is considered the number one tip for controlling pet hair loss. Brushing your dog fur once per day will help decrease unwanted hair throughout your home. Brushing dog fur outside is highly recommended. Any loose hairs that are left on floors or left in a hair brush or comb should be swept immediately and discarded in an outside garbage bin.

Good Quality Diet

Making sure your dog has a good quality diet is essential to his or her overall health. Dogs need a high protein that is based off their age, weight and daily activities. This allows your dog to get the accurate amounts of amino acids, fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, K and fatty acids that are necessary for them to develop, gain energy and grow.

Examples would be Pro Plan Selects Dog Food or Cesar Canine Cuisine. As a reminder, sometime cheap food increases shedding, due to the missing additives essential in your dog’s diet.

Remember, a healthy dog grows healthy hair that sheds less.

Keeping Floors and Furniture Clean

Keeping your floors and furniture clean after grooming will help to reduce pet hair. This is very important because dust settles everywhere all the time. Make sure to vacuum daily or use a Swiffer duster for floors and dusting. The more dog fur that is removed from inside the home, the less dog fur you will see all over your house.

Air Filters

Keeping a good electronic air filter on the furnace will reduce the amount of waste or pollutants circulating throughout your home. This will allow you to breathe cleaner air without all the hair. Make sure the filters are cleaned at least once or twice per month. It is highly recommended for safety.


Laundry versus dog fur has been a battle for everyone. The fur usually shows up on your sheets after washing or drying. Sometimes the fur is trapped between the threads of the sheets.

As a suggestion, try using hotel quality sheets with a really high thread count. It helps to reduce the pet hair. Using extra fabric softener in laundry will also help eliminate pet hairs, but be very careful with the kinds of softeners you choose to use. Allergies do exist and you want to keep it at a minimum if possible. 

Overall, reducing dog fur depends on a pet’s owner.

The five helpful tips are listed to help assist with the reduction of dog fur throughout the home. When taking into consideration any of these tips, please remember that each dog is of a different breed, weight, age and size. So no one suggestion will meet the needs of every dog.

Also, consult with your dog Veterinary and create a diet plan or any other concerns necessary that may work for your pet.

Remember that a healthy pet derives from a healthy diet plan and healthy hair free environment.

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