Dog Friendly Plants and Flowers


If you have a dog(s) at home then undoubtedly you are very fond of them and wouldn’t like any harm to befall them.

The bond between man and his/her dog is very strong; in fact in some cases it is stronger than the bond shared between family members.

Dogs, just like children tend to be quite curious, this is why you will find them walking around sniffing and even taking a bite at pretty much anything they come across.

Plants and flowers are not spared this canine curiosity; some dogs have been known to gobble down whole plants at times to their own detriment. It is therefore important to ensure that all the house plants in and around your home are non-toxic. The following are a few such plants and flowers.


AlyssumThis particular flower plant is quite a beauty in full bloom. There are three common varieties of Alyssum named according to the color of flowers produced. They include: royal carpet (purple flowers), carpet of snow (white flowers) and basket of gold (yellow flowers).

You can plant whichever type you want of course depending on the color that pleases you the most. Alyssum seeds can be bought online and they are very easy to grow usually germinating in less than 10 days. You can plant them in pots, hanging baskets or on flowerbeds.

Acorn Squash

Acorn SquashThis particular plant produces yellowish squash which is safe both for human and dog consumption; in fact it is quite sweet.

These too are grown from seed and take a period of about three months to fully mature. Acorn squash is a vine plant and therefore it is best grown on soil mounds

Bachelors’ buttons

Bachelors’ buttonsAnother name for this plant is cornflower. It produces blue, purple, pink or white flowers depending on the specific variety.

They are mostly grown in flowerbeds but there are “midget” varieties which do quite well in pots.


AntirrhinumThis is a perennial flowering plant that does best during the sunny season. Midget varieties grow to heights of 8 inches while taller ones can reach up to 50 inches.

It produces red, white or yellow flowers depending on the variety.

 Here are a few other examples of dog-friendly plants and flowers:

  • Arabian gentian
  • Aregelia
  • Bamboo Palm
  • African Violet
  • Kentia Palm
  • Boston fern
  • Spider plant
  • Gloxinia
  • Prayer plant
  • Velvet plant
  • Pearl Plant
  • Pony Tail Palm
  • American Rubber Plant
  • Cat Iron Plant
  • Flame Violet
  • Pygmy Date Palm
  • Hoya

Of course there are many others but this is a sufficient list to get your dog-friendly garden going.

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